About the Foundation

Siksha Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3, charitable organization committed to providing assistance to poverty stricken children and families through means of education and other humanitarian efforts. We started the Siksha Foundation in 2013 because we witnessed first-hand the need to serve the poverty-stricken children in India and Africa with the basic building blocks for learning, and ultimately for a successful future.

Many children experience severe conditions being in poverty stricken city slums. With the assistance of the Siksha Foundation, we can offer a significant contribution to improve the quality of children’s lives. In America, we take certain amenities for granted, while many impoverished people have no feasible access to clean water, fresh clothes, food, or education.imgAbout01

We launched the Siksha “10 – 10” initiative with the goal of helping 10,000 children in 10 years. Now nine years into the program, we’ve deployed nearly $1,000,000 and impacted approximately 9,000 lives. Our goal is to work tirelessly for the next five years to provide at least 6,000 more students clean and hygienic living environments, and to set them up with the learning tools and infrastructure they need to succeed.

Since inception, many of our peers have joined this cause and dedicated resources and funds to assist these children. We have provided sanitary kitchens and bathing facilities, rebuilt buildings to protect the children from floods, provided beds and bedding so they don’t have to sleep on the floor, supplied desks and learning materials, and provided modern housing amenities like gas and clean water.

But we continue to find conditions that need our urgent attention. These children are the next generation who will influence our global future. We believe wholeheartedly that they simply need the opportunity to rise to the occasion. We believe it is incumbent upon us to continue taking small steps in the right direction, knowing that we can make a big difference.

1. Our goal is to provide educational guidance and mentorship programs – for all levels of education.

2. Offer financial support to underprivileged qualified candidates.

3. The foundation will have fundraising activities to support endeavors, including but not limited to: education, medical, clean drinking water and other various humanitarian efforts.

Chovisi School

Navsari, India

Navsari Girls Dormitory

Navsari, India

Lions Upper Basic School for the Blind

Ndola, Zambia