Wagecha school is situated on river bank of Tapi (one of the big river of Gujarat). This campus has historic value, as it was the epicenter of south Gujarat during the freedom fighting movement in India. Well-known freedom fighters & social workers of India like Mahatma Gandhiji, Sardar vallabhbhai Patel, etc. have visited this campus in past. There are 252 students enrolled in this school, 121 Boys & 131 Girls.

Condition of the School

The condition of the hostel is very inadequate. The roof, floor, doors & windows of the hostel building are in dilapidated condition which need urgent repairing or dismantling and reconstruction. The hostel building has become worn out. The condition of the hostel rooms are also inadequate. This building was constructed a long time ago, so the roof requires dismantling & reconstruction. There is ground water seepage from the floor & water leaking from the roof in almost all of the rooms. Causing this building to remain unusable.

Due to the condition of the hostel, the classroom serves multiple purposes for the students. The same rooms are use as a classroom & hostel room for the students. Students sleep on the floor or have to sleep on or underneath the benches. It has become tremendously difficult during the monsoon season, to sleep in these rooms. There is ground water seepage from the floor & water leaking from the roof in almost all of the rooms. The condition of the school classes are such that, the walls of the room may collapse at any time.

Immediate Requirements

  • The hostel building needs to be restructured or reconstructed.
  • The toilet block needs modification.
  • The hostel needs to fix their water supply system.
  • Doors and windows of the hostel building need to  be fixed.
  • The hostel needs a supply of beds for the children to sleep on.


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