The Siksha Foundation is pleased to announce that Jackson Phiri School in Chingola, Zambia is no longer considered a “primary school.” The recent expansion of the facility has allowed the school to be upgraded to the classification of “basic school.” Jackson Phiri School is now able to facilitate two additional classes, grades 8 and 9.

There are currently seven 8th grade students and eight 9th grade students in attendance. Additional teachers have been hired by the government to support the increased number of students.

The school is also an examination center, with first examinations scheduled in September for Grade 9.

More About the Siksha Foundation
Siksha Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 charitable organization committed to providing assistance to poverty stricken children and families of society, through means of education and other humanitarian efforts.
imgAbout01There is a great need for financial assistance in third world countries; many children experience severe conditions being in the poverty-stricken city slums. With the assistance of Siksha Foundation, a US based fund-raising foundation, there we can offer a significant contribution made to the quality of children’s lives. In America, we take certain amenities for granted; many impoverished people have no feasible access to clean water, fresh clothes, food, and more importantly, education.