Last week, our students and faculty at our George Mwelwa campus in Zambia were welcomed back to our facilities with masks, sanitizer, and personal tablets and laptops for the students to use while at school. This marks the first phase of our reintegration program amid the global COVID-19 coronavirus health pandemic as well as our first education program in Zambia with the use of tablets and laptops. Many of these students have never seen such advanced technology and are now all the more eager to dive into their schoolwork with a boosted morale.

Masks & Sanitizer

Our George Mwelwa campus is our first campus to reopen to students, faculty and staff following the mandatory country-wide stay at home order that many areas of the world are facing amid the pandemic. We have limited the number of students to accommodate for additional precautions such as social distancing and small groups. We have provided each student with a hygienic mask and ample sanitizer for on-campus use. We have increased our cleaning and sanitization processes in order to keep our students, faculty and staff safe and healthy while enjoying the recently-completed campus facilities and amenities.

Tablet Program

Our tablet program has been a great success at a number of our India campuses, and our George Mwelwa campus is now our first Africa campus to implement it. Using both tablets and laptops, our students each now have access to their own personal technology. Many of these students live in small, secluded rural areas and have never touched such advanced technology let alone held and used one, and our students have already shown immense interest and excitement towards the initiative. Students are showing a boost in overall morale, as this new educational technology simultaneously serves the purpose of reigniting the passion for learning.

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