Hemant Desai, Chairman of the Board for the Siksha Foundation, has just returned from a visit to fourteen schools and hostel campuses and connecting with more than 3,000 students on his recent visit to Gujarat, India.

During a ten-day trip to eight Ashram Shala campuses, two Kumar Chhatralay and two Kanya Chhatralay hostels and five Uttar Buniyadi Ashram Shala residential schools, Mr. Desai met with the students, educators and faculty to discuss the urgent needs of the campuses and facilities housing the students.  Additionally, during his travels he met with potential partners in the area who may collaborate on vocational training in the future. The schools and hostels need necessities such as exhaust fans and kitchen facilities, as well as, technology and materials for education.  Mr. Desai was able to discuss these needs and see first hand what the children need most. Trips like these are critical to the work of the Siksha Foundation so that the organization may prioritize their efforts in the new year.

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