Timba Boarding School

Village of Timba, Gujarat, India | Administrated By: Halpati Seva Sangh
Students: 240  |  Faculty: 11  |  Estimated Cost: $204,552 USD


The Need

The current boarding school is in very poor condition and lacks necessary space for basic living and learning abilities. Due to space constraints within the building, the students (ages 6-14) sleep and study in the same room, and have no beds or desks.

Outside, the toilet block is in great disrepair and has extremely limited usability due to un-sanitary environments or overgrown vegetation. A shed is currently used as a the kitchen that lacks both proper cooking tools and ventilation. All cooking is done over wood fire pit that is not properly ventilated and could lead to serious health problems for the students and faculty.

Immediate Requirements

We must build new sleeping quarters buildings so the children have space for their own beds and personal belongings, which would open up space to provide desks and storage in the classroom. We must also renovate the kitchen and dining area to provide a non-toxic cooking environment with proper safety and sanitary tools for food preparation. A new toilet block is an immediate need as well to bring the facilities up to health and sanitation standards of living.

Planned Accomodations

By reconstructing and building out this boarding school, we will immediately 240 students and countless more in future years. We plan to provide the below accommodations to empower their future success.

  • Sleeping quarters
  • Clean and hygienic toilets and showers
  • Solar-water heater for showers
  • LED lighting for students to work at night
  • Fans and ventilation in kitchen and all other rooms
  • Water purifier with cooler
  • Bunk beds with 4” thick PU mattresses and pillows
  • Bedding for each student including sheets, pillow covers and quilts
  • Storage for all students’ belongings
  • Warden quarters for boys
  • Laundry area for students to wash clothing
  • Multipurpose room for library, computer lab and assorted activities

Current Conditions

ABOVE: The building is in extreme disrepair with multiple holes in the roof.
BELOW: The bathroom block is unsanitary and vastly unusable. 

ABOVE: This space is where the children both live and learn, which doesn’t allow room for beds or decks.
BELOW: Holes in the roof create puddles on the floor when it rains causing the children to huddle in the few dry spots around the floor.

ABOVE: Stored personal belongings up and away from rain water on the floor.
BELOW: The current condition of the solar-power water heater, in complete disrepair. 

ABOVE: Current cooking equipment in the kitchen.
BELOW: The wood-fire burning pits used for cooking each meal.

ABOVE & BELOW: Students sit on the floor to study. This is the same space in which they sleep, and therefore there is no physical space for beds or decks.