Navsari Boys Boarding School


The Hostel of Navsari is Administrated by Halpati Seva Sangh, Kamgar Ghar,Sardar Baug, Bardoli. It is situated at Navsari, Ta: Navsari, Dist: Navsari, Gujarat. It offers Hostel facilities (residential facilities) for boys from Std. 7 to 10. There are 70 students at this Hostel.

Condition of the Hostel

The condition of the hostel is very much inadequate. Many parts of the hostel building are in a dilapidated condition, needing urgent repair or dismantling and reconstruction. The hostel building has become worn out now. The condition of hostel rooms are inadequate. This building was constructed a long time ago, so it is not possible to put beds into the rooms.   As a result students sleep on the floor. It has become tremendously difficult during the monsoon season to sleep in these rooms. There is ground water seepage from the floor & water leaking from the roof in almost all of the rooms. The condition of the kitchen and toilet blocks are miserable.  The tribal students remain devoid of some very basic sanitary requirements.

Immediate Requirements

  • The hostel requires immediate attention to rebuild the hostel building as well as the kitchen building.
  • The campus also needs 1 or 2 classrooms for external teaching.
  • The hostel requires reconstruction of the toilet blocks.
  • The hostel is in immediate need of a supply of beds for the children.
  • The hostel is in great need of basic kitchen utensils.

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