The school of Sonvada is Administrated by Halpati Seva Sangh, Kamgar Ghar,Sardar Baug, Bardoli. It is situated in tribal village Sonvada, Ta: Valsad, Dist: Valsad, Gujarat. It offers education from Std. 1 to 7. There has been an enrollment of 160 students in this school. The student’s community comprises of 79 Boys & 81 Girls.

Condition of the school

The condition of the school is deficient. Many parts of the school building are in a dilapidated condition, which need urgent repairing or dismantling and reconstruction. The school building has become worn out. The condition of the school classes are such that, the walls of the room may collapse any time. Hence, many of them remain unused. Due to this condition, the rooms serve multiple purpose for the students. The same rooms are use as a class rooms & hostel rooms. As a result students sleep on the floor or on benches. It has become tremendously difficult during the monsoon season, to sleep in these rooms. There is ground water seepage from floors & water leaking from the roof in almost all of the rooms. There are no separate rooms for girls & boys, as many of the rooms have become too dangerous to sleep & are forcefully abandoned. The condition of the kitchen is equally miserable.  The tribal students remain devoid of very basic sanitary requirements.

Immediate Requirements

  • The school requires immediate attention to rebuild the hostel building, as well as, the school building.
  • Other buildings need to be reconditioned on the campus.
  • The kitchen needs to be restructured or reconstructed.
  • The school campus requires attention to restore teaching-learning & very basic living condition requirements.


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